KinetiX Superheroes         

KinetiX is an exciting new school readiness based programme which has everybody talking. The main focus of the programme is to provide children with the necessary and specialized training programmes to develop the needed skills in order to be optimally equipped to make a successful transition from the pre-primary phase to the primary phase.

Programmes are developed in such a way as to ensure maximum exposure to all the necessary developmental areas in order to optimally equip the learner for a successful start to his/her academic career.

One of the biggest downfalls of the current era is the gross misdiagnosis and irresponsible labeling of children in our schools. The prevalence of learning disabilities and the diagnosis of neurologically based disorders has risen to epidemic proportions. Every day children are facing these challenges whilst having to deal with a jam packed curriculum and the stresses of life. Our vision is to assist every child to easily transition from pre-school to primary school without having to deal with these additional issues. We believe that this is possible by providing a high quality holistic development programme to learners across the country.

KinetiX programmes are specifically developed to address the needs of the developing child in order to prepare them for a successful start to their academic careers. The holistic approach ensures that the child will have a well established basis from which to develop more complex skills such as reading and writing. The programme also prepares the child for sport participation and is therefore one of the few programmes out there to truly address both academics AND sport. The programme is also in line with the current CAPS curriculum and will therefore easily serve as part of the weekly  curriculum activities.

Programmes are presented by a trained KinetiX instructor to ensure only the best results.