The Sportnetix Junior Sport Development System is our exciting new addition and serves as an amazing tool to address junior sport development and serves as an extension of our highly successful Kinetix Junior programme. This amazing new system of development and online platform sets KinetiX apart from the competition.


KinetiX is very excited to announce our brand new junior sport development and conditioning programme, Sportnetix.

After years of requests we have finally developed a programme directly aimed at improving the sport development process of a school. Too often we encounter problems at under 11 and under 13 level, due to children not having acquired the basic skills needed to perform and learn new and more complex skill sets, which is needed to perform at the higher level. Coaches now have to try and deal with this, while still having to coach new skills. This increases the frustration levels of the coaches as they are already under great pressure to perform and produce results.

With the Sportnetix programme we address these issues at foundation phase level, by implementing various coaching systems and skill conditioning programmes, to ensure that players have the best possible opportunity to develop their skills optimally. By following this programme and coaching model, we are also able to ensure a better retention of players, as players feel better equipped to compete, throughout the higher age groups.

What do you get with the Sportnetix Complete System?

  • System Implementation
  • Complete conditioning programme from u/6 - u/9
  • Training for coaches
  • Complete system restructure
  • Programme guidance and assistance
  • Age group assessmentPassword protected online database
  • Year 1: u/7
  • Year 2: u/7, u/8
  • Year 3+: u/7 - u/9( - u/13 *additional)


The Sportnetix Assesment System is a general and repetitive physical assessment system which is performed on site, by KinetiX staff, at certain periods throughout the year. The aim of this is to be able to provide a learner with a ‘Sport Report’ at the end of his/her stay at the school.  Sport has become such a big part of school, that it has become imperative that a learner is able to provide a report on his/her sport career and experience, when applying for high school acceptance. This is a great additional service that your school can provide for every learner.

Apart from that, the assessments also provides a great database to your school. Not only can you assess your current standing in terms of developmental areas, but within the next couple of years you will be able to measure your school on local and national standards.

All assessment are kept private and you and your coaches will be able to view results online in a password protected environment for your convenience.

The Sportnetix system is not just a product, but rather a partnership with the school. Through this programme, KinetiX gets actively involved in restructuring the current state of your junior coaching systems, to a more optimal and efficient system. We realise that no two schools are the same, and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That is why it is important for us to form a long term partnership with the school in order to ensure successful implementation. 

What do you get with the Sportnetix Assessment System?

  • Assessments as requested
  • Costing will be per player being assessed
  • Password protected online database